10 Star Wars Puns that Will Force You to Laugh

Nerd culture has a rich history of making puns for all of the various fictional universes. I love Star Wars, and I love puns, so prepare for the perfect combo. You’ll have heard of a few of these puns before, but I also made up a few of these Star Wars puns myself..

If you have any friends, but especially friends who like Star Wars, it’ll do you well to share these puns on Facebook with your friends! Or, you could wait until May 4th (Star Wars day) or until the next Star Wars movie comes out to share this list of Star Wars puns. Good luck getting through all 10 of these jokes, and may the force be with you.


If the jedi council issued homework to padawans, I am positive Mace Windu would be in charge of grading homework. He would do an amaceing job at it too.


I’ll be honest, I believe this pun was first made in a Family Guy Star Wars parody, so all credit to them. Mustafar should have been called Hoth if anything, or they could have made Hoth 75 degree weather and called it Warmh.


All of the latest jedi fashions are being modeled by these mannequins. And by latest, I mean only. Isn’t a little strange that fashion choices haven’t really changed throughout any of the Star Wars episodes?


And the award for Wookie of the Year goes to Chewbacca! Who else would get it, I don’t remember any other Wookie’s names being mentioned in any of the main Star Wars episodes.


This is another pun that I heard elsewhere but recreated on my own in a better format. You’ll never catch Anakin using an escalator, he prefers the elevader.


I actually thought of this pun when I first saw the scene in Episode VII where Rey and Luke stared at each other for a super long time. One variation you could make to this pun is to call it Stair Wars when any characters are using stairs.


Obviously I can’t take responsibility for this Yoda pun, but I saw it and knew I had to include it. If I remember from my childhood, there were commercials that used a similar pun for Star Wars Episode 2 where they said to Yoda, Yo da man.


If you’re a regular reader of Punreal, you may recognize this star wars pun from my cheese puns post. However, I of course had to use it in the Star Wars context.


Star Wars planet puns are the best. Even when the subject is a little naboo.


If you’ll notice, the Jar Jar jar is ajar. Credit to the comic artist Steve Bryant for this drawing.

Congratulations if you made it through all of these Star Wars puns. Some of them were hilarious one-liners, and others were probably just plain groaners. Feel free to share the Star Wars jokes or a link to this post, but make sure you link back and credit when you share the original Punreal images. Thanks!

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