7 Chicken Puns You Will Be-Gawking At

This list of chicken puns contains the fowlest jokes around. There are a number of reasons you might need some good chicken and hen puns. First and foremost, if you’re a farmer who has chickens, you need a collection of poultry puns to lean on when people visit.

Second, perhaps you’re in a restaurant that serves chicken, and need some puns there.

Finally, we know some of you are researching a speech, presentation, or paper that somehow involves chickens, and need a good collection of jokes.

If you want to join in the fun, comment your best chicken puns below. If you come up with a good enough one, we’ll add it here.

Chicken Pun Images


Bach bach bach bach chicken pun

Made on imgur.

I’m a fan of classical music, so this chicken pun made me laugh. I’m going to grab some coffee, but I’ll be Bach.


I suspect fowl play with this chicken pun.

Made by somuchpun.

Chick out this funny chicken pun. I don’t know feather or not it will make you laugh, but it is quite unexpected to see a chicken dressed as Sherlock Holmes.


Chicken Coupe Car Pun

Made by BrainlessTales

We aren’t going to go too heavily into egg puns. If you’re feeling couped up, just make sure to couperate and you’ll feel eggcelent in no time.


Spring Chicken Pun

By Dings&Doodles

This is a wonderful pun illustration of a spring chicken. I didn’t design this pun, but I did spring into action to recognize it’s genius.


This Chicken Pun is Bad Cluck

Good cluck trying to figure out the joke on this chicken pun, but if you can find it in under 10 seconds you beak me to it.


This poultry pun is fantastic! If you liked this one, check out our tree puns list.


Why did the chicken sit on an axe? She wanted to hatchet!

Image from mypetsname.com

This pun is a bit of a hatchet job, but that’s okay.

Best Pun Names for Hens

  • Hen Solo
  • Henry
  • Henrietta
  • Lindsey Lo-Hen
  • Attila the Hen
  • Repecka

That’s all the chicken puns we have for you today, but it is a simple matter to expand this list. I hope you enjoyed, and be sure to share these puns with a friend, unless you’re chicken!

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