5 Cheese Puns that Absolutely Bleu my Mind

For some reason, I decided cheese puns were next in line for my pun collection. I have absolutely no idea why, but maybe it is because I saw a list of cheeses and the ideas started coming. In the future I may expand this list, but I thought it might be a nice change to have a quick 5 puns instead of a long list this time.

Here are 5 cheese puns just for you, so if you like cheese mouse on down to the puns.

Brie it on.

Isn’t brie a place in Lord of the Rings? I’m pretty sure it is, and I bet they have the best cheese. Maybe they have goat cheese, I’d totally go at goat cheese.


Boba Feta Pun.

Would you look at that. I managed to tie the last pun to Lord of the Rings, and this cheese pun to Star Wars. Are you feta up yet?


Gouda job

I know this one is a little cheesey, but it was a gouda idea nonetheless.


This is nacho cheese pun.

I get what you’re thinking, this is nacho joke. This cheese pun is such a classic that I decided to throw it in here.


This is a grate cheese pun.

I meditated to make this pun. I guess you could say I worked on my chis.
There you have it, 5 absolutely bad cheese puns. I promise the rest of the puns on this site are just as bad as those 5 so be sure to check them all out for plenty of groans. The site is getting bigger, so there are plenty of groaning pains. Help us improve simply by clicking that big like button beneath this post. It’ll help us spread family-friendly humor to more and more people!

JT Smith

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