These Funny Cat Puns are Purrfect!

CATegory of Cat Puns

Here’s how to make cheesy cat puns on the fly. Any word that has the word “cat” already in it can be converted into a cat pun. You just have to emphasize the word cat already in it.

  • catabolic
  • catalog
  • catapult
  • cataract
  • catastrophe
  • catatonic
  • catch
  • catch phrase
  • catch-22
  • catch-up
  • catchphrase
  • category
  • cater
  • catering
  • caterpillar
  • catfish
  • cathedral
  • catherine
  • catheter
  • cathode
  • cathodic
  • cation
  • catsup
  • cattle
  • catty-corner
  • cattywampus

So anytime you are in the presence of a cat, make sure you work some of these words into your conversation.

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JT Smith

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