10 Realtor Puns With the Best Curb Appeal

The real estate business is such a large part of life, it is a surprise more puns aren’t out there about it on the internet. Needless to say, there is room for more. As you’re reading this, you probably can think of 5-10 people directly involved in the real estate business that you can tag on Facebook with these puns. Personally, I’m in the marketing department of a mortgage business full-time so you can less or more gage how much that contributed to my desire to publish this list. Whether you’re a real estate agent wanted to be funny while showing people around, or you are buying a house and want some puns to use during the process, this is a fantastic source to find some ‘really’ funny real estate jokes to use.

I created all of these real estate pun images myself using stock photos and my funny bones. Feel free to share the images, but don’t forget to attribute them back to this post with a link. If you’re a real estate agent, you might put a link to this post to set you apart, or post this on Facebook to drive some engagement to your page.


Hey house it going?

This is how I imagine houses greeting their homeys. Now that I’m done making these images, more puns are coming to my head so be prepared to read a ton of puns as the description of each image.
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JT Smith

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