10 Excel Puns that Put the Lyst in Analyst

Be prepared to read the most excellent Excel puns you’ve ever read. They are most likely also the only Excel puns you’ve read, which just goes to show how weird I am for putting this together. However, my day-job is as an analyst, so I use Excel all the time and therefore am constantly coming up with puns. If you want to row with me, that’s fine, but just know my muscle cells are centered.

All silliness aside, I hope you enjoy these puns as much as I enjoyed putting them together. If you do enjoy them, make sure you share the post with all of your friends who are either accountants, analysts, statisticians, or who just use Excel for some reason. This should brighten their day.


Getting started with a coding pun. VBA is the language you use to code macros in Excel.

Did you know VBA is the coding language used in Excel to build macros? I’m such a nerd.
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JT Smith

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