10 Excel Puns that Put the Lyst in Analyst. #6 is Excellent

Be prepared to read the most excellent Excel puns you’ve ever read. They are most likely also the only Excel puns you’ve read, which just goes to show how weird I am for putting this together. However, my day-job is as an analyst, so I use Excel all the time and therefore am constantly coming up with puns. If you want to row with me, that’s fine, but just know my muscle cells are centered.

All silliness aside, I hope you enjoy these puns as much as I enjoyed putting them together. If you do enjoy them, make sure you share the post with all of your friends who are either accountants, analysts, statisticians, or who just use Excel for some reason. This should brighten their day.


Getting started with a coding pun. VBA is the language you use to code macros in Excel.

Did you know VBA is the coding language used in Excel to build macros? I’m such a nerd.


In case you didn

Babies have cells, and Excel has cells. Therefore, Excel is a baby.


This excel pun is all about discovery.

Columbus sailed the ocean blue in cell 92. You didn’t think you’d learn history in this pun list, did you?


You contact Excel users by calling them, but Excel sheets have columns.

I should say, you call them on their cell phone.


This is a serious medical procedure to diagnose the quality of these Excel puns.

This excel pun is recommended regularly for those over 50 years old.


Eggcel sheets are almost as tasty as these Excel puns.

This is Humpty Dumpty’s favorite Excel pun, despite the fact that the nursery rhyme never mentions Humpty being an egg.


Filtered Excel pun.

This pun was filtered through my comedy filter and failed, but I put it in the list anyway. In case you didn’t know, filtering is a commonly used function in Excel sheets.


Another baby Excel pun. Maybe throwing a baby in there is a formula for success.

I realize this is the second Excel pun related to babies, but that’s the first thing I thought of when I saw the word formula.


This Excel pun is politically charged.

Pivoting in politics is when the politician changes positions on an issue, usually when focus groups or political forces tell them to. You could say politicians Excel at pivoting.


This excel pun maid my day.

I maid this Excel pun up on the spot.

This might just be the best 10 Excel puns ever, and I doubt we need an analyst to confirm that. However, if you enjoyed these puns or they brightened your day a little bit you can vote with the Facebook buttons below the post. If you’re hungry for some more puns, check out all of the other lists on this site. There are more being published each week, so to stay updated either follow on Facebook or subscribe to pun notifications.

JT Smith

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