10 Coffee Puns That Are a Latte of Fun

There is something about coffee drinkers that make them have a higher propensity to enjoy puns. Maybe it is the caffeine or perhaps just a coincidence. But coffee users tend to love puns and be the best at puns. It is not uncommon to hear coffee puns at shops or hear a barista issue a good joke every now and again.

You can use these coffee puns any time you grab a mug full. But the people who should read this post the most are those who are either really into coffee, or work at a coffee shop.

Coffee pun: What is a baby cow

You probably didn’t think I’d start up with a cow joke, did you? Well, there will be a lot more utterly fantastic coffee jokes coming your way. Don’t forget to pin, share, or do whatever it is you do to these images if they make you laugh.


Coffee pun: What does the media in Paris use to make coffee? French Press

This coffee pun is all about foreign affairs. How do you say coffee in French?


Coffee pun: What is Leonardo Da Vinci

This coffee pun includes a secret layer of paint.


Coffee pun: What is a Barista

This is the only one I didn’t make up, but it is just too good.


Coffee pun: What coffee does a chicken prefer? Dark Roost

This coffee pun might ruffle some feathers.


Coffee pun: How did the coffee get injured? It was mugged.

The coffee was brewsed by this pun.


Coffee pun: What do you say at a coffee shop when someone does you a favor? Thanks a latte!

This is a coffee pun for the people who don’t like to drink real coffee.


Coffee pun: What do you call a sick cup of joe? Coughee

This coffee pun really should’ve gotten a flu shot.


Coffee pun: What did the coffee beans say to the misbehaving Folgers? You

Someone needs to put this coffee pun in time-out.


Coffee pun: An extra charge at Starbucks is called a cof-fee.

You can take this coffee pun to the bank. For a fee of course.
Hopefully you enjoyed this beautiful list of coffee puns. If you enjoyed them, feel free to share on Facebook and tag your friends who enjoy some puns with their coffee. They do not deserve to miss out on these puns.

JT Smith

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