10 Halloween Puns That You’ll Boo

Be prepared, these Halloween puns are spooky. You’ll need to act like a skeleton and bring your funny bone to get these Halloween puns.

I have this crazy habit of wearing puns as my halloween costume every year. Generally this makes people laugh, but other times they have no idea what the joke is. Enjoy. 


This halloween pun gets gRAVE reviews.

You have to be bRAVE to go to this party. Don’t get gravestoned though, even if you’re in Colorado.


This halloween pun is so bad it might get me canned.

There’s something uncanny about this Halloween pun. Can you believe it?


Who are you gonna call? Exploding Ghost Busters

Are you laughing now? That’s the spirit!


Another Party Halloween Pun for gHOSTS

Do you call a female ghost a ghostess?


This is a good biblical lesson about mummies. Halloween Puns are great.

Could you imagine having a wallet full of mummy? I know they are covered in paper, but that’s ridiculous.


Nobody knows the trouble skeletons seen.

What is the heaviest Halloween monster? A skeleton. If you have a bone to pick with me about these puns, talk to the metatarsals.


This Halloween Pun is Beary Good.

This Halloween pun is actually pretty frightening to think about. Bear with me and imagine this scenario. You’re asleep and are awoken by something brushing against your face. Everything is completely silent. You slowly open your eyes. A teddy bear with glowing read eyes is floating inches from your face. The end.


Vandalism is wrong, even on halloween.

A vampire is like an umpire, except instead of saying ‘um’ between words they say ‘van’. And instead of using a bat, they just use themselves to hit the ball.


This Halloween pun indicates wearing wool is the same as being a werewolf.

The methodology used to become a werewolf is spot on in this Halloween pun.


Witch halloween pun was your favorite?

I’m in stitches from this joke about witches.

There you have it, my personal favorite list of Halloween puns. Share these with your friends and family to have some great jokes in mind for this Halloween!

JT Smith

As the owner of Punreal, JT Smith's puns have been viewed well over 1 million times. I don't mean to flex, but as an expert at writing original puns, you could say JT is a flexpert.