10 Fall Puns that Autumnake You Laugh

There is something about fall that is just fantastic. Maybe it is the leaves crunching beneath my feet or the smell of pumpkin-related things filling the air, fall has some memorable qualities to it. Just like fall, I’m quite seasoned at telling puns.

We all have great memories of fall, right? Making pumpkins, hayrides, leaves falling from trees, and huge tree limbs falling on your house. Ok, maybe not that last one. This is the perfect time to remind you to have home insurance to survive this autumn, especially if you have an ant farm. You need to have good insurants.

Now that we got that PSA out of the way, here are 10 fall puns just for you: Read slowly for optimal enjoyment.

Dis fall pun dough!

Have you ever raked in a ton of leaves and then jumped into the pile? That always leafs good memories. There are so many goofy fall puns in this post,(and apparently bakery puns) I doughn’t think you’re bready for them.


Skip this corny fall pun.

Autumn is a good season, that’s why I sprinkle it on my corn.


This fall pun is a shirt success.

This fall pun would look great on a tee-shirt.


This fall pun has a good lesson in it.

Pride comes before fall, summer comes before fall, therefore pride is summer.


I’m being stalked by this fall pun.

I plant this one out perfectly. Okay, that may have been a bit of a sad attempt at a plant pun. If you want some really good ones, check out my post on Tree Puns.


This fall pun is a good investment.

I invested a lot of time and energy into this fall pun to insure it has a good return on laugh investment.


Is that a fall a cy or just a fall pun?

A fallacy is a common logical error. Obviously this pun is one of those thingies.


Yum, sugary fall pun.

Ice cream in fall is still acceptable in most places. Just don’t get frosty if I tell you it is not as acceptable in the winter.


This fall pun just got hairy.

Are you as falltickled as I am by this fall pun? Okay, falltickled might be a stretch for a pun.


I don’t car about this fall pun.

These puns really trucked along. But who cars?

Hopefully you found this list of autumn puns delightful. I know you can come up with some good fall jokes too. For instance, maybe you’ll be raking leaves with a family member and one of you comes up with a pun crunchier than what you’re raking. In that case, find Punreal on Facebook and let me hear it! I promise I’ll respond with one of those new laugh reactions.

JT Smith

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